My First Ultramarathon – Surf Coast Century 2013

This is a little video diary I made during my first Ultramarathon last year. The Surf Coast Century is one of the most scenic ultramarathons you can attempt in Australia. It’s not the most difficult by far (around 1800m gain) but there is nothing like it and a great first ultra to try. I also created a cause I called ‘Run for Mum’. My mum has a rare form of severe arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It was through this cause I managed to raise some funds for Arthritis Australia and awareness for the disease. I am planning on heading back this year and smashing my previous time – and hopefully in the process getting a large beer stein (awarded to sub 12 hour finishers) to go with my sub 16 hour beer stein I received last year!

I hope you enjoy! I sure did 🙂


9 thoughts on “My First Ultramarathon – Surf Coast Century 2013

  1. hohoho… nice one mr walker, loved the ‘weather with you’ soundtrack! congrats on your maiden ultra results, inspiring stuff.. josh is such a munchkin!

  2. nice one!
    loved the views from the 1st leg, and enjoyed your little commentary.
    (wanted to see more of Josh, cos he’s a cutie pie soon-to-be heart breaker!)
    got motion sickness by the end of the vid, though 😀

    • Thanks Vonz! Haha yeah he has grown up a lil since then but still a cutie pie soon-to-be-heart breaker! I think it’s hard to cancel the effect of the motion with a Go Pro – but I suppose that’s the price you pay for pics on the move 🙂

    • We might have to! I was just saying to a friend I get warm fuzzies watching that vid. I think I could be even aiming at sub 11 – but lets see how training goes 😉 That 1L will be ours!!!

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