Embrace suffering – 9 hour Lerderderg Mission

So I completed my mission I was planning. Things went well up until around 5-6 hours in where I hit the wall. A combination of pushing too hard up hills, too much caffeinated nutrition and chocolate consumption (I love chocolate). I was feeling great too until it came on very quickly. And I went downhill very quickly. Within 30mins I had trouble running at all due to nausea and had to spend a fair amount of time walking. Heading up the steep hills I had to stop every 50m to take a break. This lasted for almost 2 hours until I wasn’t too far from the car. The visual distortions also kicked in a little…..You can see in the video where I was at my absolute lowest heading up one of the steeper hills out there. When I was around 5km from home my spirits lifted however and I got a boost and pushed all the way till the end. By far the most I have suffered in any run but so happy I kept moving and dealt with it out there. I definitely embraced some suffering out there.

I hope you guys enjoy the video. My first attempt at using Adobe Premiere Pro editing so please excuse my amateur skills. Thanks to my mate Jon for letting me use his GoPro Hero3 as well (a huge step up from my GoPro original!)


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