Gear Review – Compressport Trail Shorts

“…overall, these shorts killed it”

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. ‘Life’ has been busy. But my first gear review! Woohoo! With my reviews I am taking the approach of keeping it casual and honest while trying to give things a proper go without outside influences or my own past perceptions and/or experiences of a product or brand influence my assessment. Probably easier said than done but I will give being as neutral as possible a damn good shot 🙂

The shorts!

The shorts!

First Impression
Pulling these shorts out of the box I was surprised at the feel and how light they actually felt. I knew they would have to be light but they are really light! And considering the expected quality for the price tag I was a little dubious. They felt almost silky which didn’t really appeal to me as I didn’t want another pair of run-of-the-mill compression shorts. I requested a red pair (they currently come in either red or black) as I’m trying to inject some colour back into my trail running wardrobe. They did look good on first sight – stylish and something written about being ‘born in Switzerland’ on the bottom of the quad.



Lunch Time
What I think of when I see or think or these Compressport Trail Shorts is ‘packing lunch’. And trying them on for the first time and looking in the mirror definitely confirms – ‘yes, your lunch is packed and everyone can see it’. These shorts are popular with a lot of the obstacle course racing (ocr) crew and this is where I first saw that term – ‘packing lunch’ – on a Facebook comment so I can’t take credit for it. But if you are shy or don’t like showing your ‘junk’ then perhaps don’t go for the red colour. I have been told the black is a little more discreet but don’t take my word for it. I will definitely be wearing shorts over top of these or another option would be wearing something like speedos underneath.

Lil bunny packing lunch

Lil bunny packing lunch

They took a little effort getting on the first time as these things are tight! But boy once they were on did they feel good. I went specifically from the sizing Compressport recommends and chose the T2 – the same size as the calf sleeves I have from Compressport. Having them on I wanted to go and run mountains and utilise the special super duper ‘power climb’ grip on the quads while power climbing up vertical faces.

The 'power grip'

The ‘power grip’

Let’s Go Running Already!
First time out wearing these ‘power shorts’ was a 30km trail run out in Lerderderg State Park – lots of technical climbs and descents (1300m+). I soon started to realise why these short were so expensive – they were fantastic! As I started the climbs I could feel the denier of the high quality compression material doing its job. They felt even better as the run went on. The abdominal band did feel a little weird a couple of times but it wasn’t enough to distract me from the run or great feeling of the leg compression. I worked reasonably hard on the run and found the shorts ‘breathed’ really well. I didn’t overheat – even with a pair of light trail shorts over top (to hide my lunch). The shorts apparently dry very quickly after swimming also – I have yet to test this out. The power climb grip decals on the quads actually did come in handy as they provide some grip – a whole lot better than your bare skin or normal compression shorts.

The Truth
So overall, these shorts killed it. I have been on a couple of runs now and they have got even better. Things I didn’t love? Well…..not much at all. I would suggest the black colour if you are planning on wearing them by themselves otherwise you might scare the kids down the street or perhaps be arrested. The abdominal band and ‘3D’ silicon grip on the lower back – I’m not sure how much support this actually provides and was not fussed about the whole idea. I did like the higher band however as there was no tightening required like with most compression shorts.

The abdominal waistband could use some work

The abdominal waistband could use some work

The good! Loved the seamless idea and very comfortable fit. The ‘hydrophobic’ or ‘sweat evacuation’ (hehe) material worked very well. The ‘7x Multi-graded compression’ (which Compressport claim they are the only one using this technology in running shorts) felt fantastic and provided me with support all over during the run. No chafe whatsoever. Great fit around the crotch. The power climb grip did provide something to grip onto during steep climbs. One handy little thing the majority of compression shorts also wouldn’t have is the little gel pocket at the back.

Back pocket

Back pocket

Best for: Trails and anything with decent elevation
Worst for: Runners on a budget
Price: $159.95

Compressport Sizing for the shorts

Compressport Sizing for the shorts

Overall Wombat Rating: 9/10 wombats. These shorts are really fantastic and if I could afford to kit out my running wardrobe with them I would. 1 point lost due to the red colour and the ‘exposure’ they provide, and the lack of support in the abdominal waist band.

If you would like a 20% discount on Compressport and it’s associated brands please head to the Wild Wombat Facebook page and send me a message. I can then send you the discount code.


Disclaimer: Healthmg/Compressport provided this product and the discount offer complimentary. I took it upon myself to write this review independently.


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