Trail running is a shortcut to your inner consciousness. The environment you immerse yourself in. The meditative sound of your feet connecting with the trail. Your breath inhaling and exhaling. You can lose yourself out there. But you can also tap into a well of deep thoughts you may have never touched upon before. This untapped resource of emotions is making me a better person and helping me grow in ways I can’t imagine. I strive to be an amazing husband to my wife and an awesome dad to my son.

I love trail running. I connected with the environment at an early age and spent the majority of my years either in the ocean or exploring the land. My parents helped nurture a solid appreciation for the world around me. I grew up in a small seaside town in New Zealand called Brighton, just south of Dunedin. I met my wife and we moved to Australia in 2006. I still managed to spend most of my spare time in the water. The Gold Coast was perfect for a kiwi beach bum. Warm weather, warm water and some great (although usually crowded) waves. Then we made a decision to move to Melbourne. The coast now was a lot further away and I searched for some time trying to fill that missing connection to the environment that was now lacking almost entirely.

I mountain biked, rode bmx, started running for fitness along mostly bike paths but there was something still missing. Then came along obstacle racing. My first obstacle course race (ocr) I was hooked. I competed in the first year of the Australia Obstacle Course Racing League (OCRL) and did ‘ok’. However it was in training for these ocr’s that I would find something to connect me back to nature, and something that would change my life forever. Because these events were mostly on trails on farmland, parks and off-road areas I started to locate and train on trails in my local area. My passion for trail running had begun.

I had no idea I would be where I am now writing this ‘About Me’ section on my own blog. I never ever thought I could possibly run 56km, 75km or 100km for that matter! These are the distances of the 3 ‘official’ ultra distance trail running events I have completed to this date (April 2014). I will perhaps talk about these individual events in later posts.

This blog is a diary of my running adventures here in wombat country. A personal record for me to come back to when I want to relive an experience. A place where I can provide solutions to problems I face and lessons learned throughout my journey. Maybe most importantly a record that my son (and other children??) may one day come back to and read to gain an insight to who his dad was and is.


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